Cam Lock Type Cold Room Panel

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Cam lock type cold room panel is connected by tongue and groove, which is fixed by pin and hook. The Cam lock type cold room panel has the advantage of easy installation. So it is suitable for middle or small size cold rooms.

Additional information

Product Name

Cam Lock Type Panel

Panel Facing

Paper, ppgi, SUS304


1160mm, 960mm


100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 200mm, 50mm, 75mm



Core material


Details about Cam Lock Type Cold Room Panel

Cam Lock Cold Room Panel’s Advantage

Cam lock type cold room panel is composed of two layers of steel facing and PU core material. Because two pieces of panels are fixed by pin and hook, we call it a cam lock panel. Cam Lock Panel has below advantages:

    • Easy to assemble. (Connected by tongue and groove, fixed by pin and hook)
    • Easy to expand size once you need to enlarge the length.
    • Easy to maintain. (Easy to unlock and change the panel for the old cold room)
    • Better insulation and high fire retardant property. (Ensure cold room reduces less heating loss and meanwhile has better fire retardant).

Cam Lock Cold Room Panel’s Disadvantage

Because cam lock type cold room panel is produced process by process, its delivery time is decided by labor workers’ speed. its quality is affected by workshop workers’ skills. At first,  the steel sheet will be cut as ordered room size and shaped by Bending forming machines. In common, the hot season’s order might need a longer delivery time.

Cam lock-type panel quality is easily affected by the atmosphere.  The foaming process is a complex chemical process. PU core materials need A and B materials. The summer might need a short foaming time and the winter needs a longer time.  So the skilled labor worker is a key factor to affect the quality. Therefore, the quality is good or bad, and human factors have a great influence. Another because the shaped process and foaming process are made by the different workshops, the steel cover board is easily deforming during the pass process.

Cam Lock Cold Room Panel’s Application

Cam lock type cold room panel is mainly used for middle size or small size cold rooms. It is widely used in the food industry, medical industry, and other related industries.

In the food industry, a cam lock type cold room panel is usually used in food process factories, slaughterhouses, fruit, and vegetable warehouse, supermarket, hotel, restaurants, etc.

In the medical industry, the cold room is usually used in hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, blood centers, gene centers, etc.

Other related industries, such as chemical factories, laboratories, and logistics centers, also need cam lock-type cold room panels for insulation.

Cam Lock Cold Room Panel’s Temperature And Thickness Match

Different applicable temperatures with different thicknesses of PU panel

PU Thickness Applicable temperature
50mm  +5°C or above
75mm  -5°C or above
100mm  -20°C or above
120mm -25°C or above
150mm -35°C or above
200mm -45°C or above

For example, -5~+5°C, -20°C,-35°C etc.

Different application case has different ideal material. PPGI,SUS304,SUS317 or PVDF

0.4mm, 0.476mm, 0.5mm or 0.6mm

Specific dimension, Inch or mm. L X W X H,If provide PDF or CAD, that would be better.

2PH or 3 PH, 220v~380V, 50HZ or 60 HZ

Freon system or Ammonia; If it is Freon, R22,R404 or R507

Specific storage product like fruit ,vegetable, meat or medicine.Detailed storage weight calculated as kg or ton.

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