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Semi-buried Hinged Cold Room Door

The biggest feature of the semi-buried door is that half of the door panel is embedded in the door frame, which has strong sealing and thermal insulation, and its appearance is more beautiful.

Additional information

Applicable temperature


Door panel core material


Door core material density


Door Panel Thickness (mm):

75, 100, 150

Metal facing optional

stainless steel, color steel plate, embossed aluminum plate.

Door type optional

One leaf, Double leaf

Door oepning height

1000 – 2200mm

Door opening width

700 – 1200mm

Details about Semi-buried Hinged Cold Room Door

(1) Door seal:
the flexible plastic built-in magnetic strip can well make up for the small errors caused by manufacturing, and good sealing. And wide temperature adaptability from -50°C to +130°C.
(2) Door panel
plastic profile and steel plate combined into a shell, internal polyurethane foam, no cold bridge, excellent thermal insulation performance. The panel can be made of stainless steel, colored steel plate, embossed aluminum plate, and so on.
(3) Door frame.
made of high-strength aluminum alloy package, and equipped with cold bridge treatment, can add discharge hot wire. The overall beauty is generous and durable.
(4) Emergency Safe Escape Device
the safety escape function is natural, and the safety is greatly increased.
(5) Other Accessories
The hinge adopts a reinforced 1428 hinge, which is sturdy and durable. The inner and outer handles of the 1061 door lock are directly connected, Optional electric heating film glass window.

For example, -5~+5°C, -20°C,-35°C etc.

Different application case has different ideal material. PPGI,SUS304,SUS317 or PVDF

0.4mm, 0.476mm, 0.5mm or 0.6mm

Specific dimension, Inch or mm. L X W X H,If provide PDF or CAD, that would be better.

2PH or 3 PH, 220v~380V, 50HZ or 60 HZ

Freon system or Ammonia; If it is Freon, R22,R404 or R507

Specific storage product like fruit ,vegetable, meat or medicine.Detailed storage weight calculated as kg or ton.

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