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How to install the cold room sliding door’s heating wire?

How to install the cold room sliding door’s heating wire?

How many types of cold room door heating wires?

In common, different countries have different power types. We have 220V or 110V heating wires for you to choose. To southeast countries and Africa, the heating wire is 220V. To the USA or South America, It is 110V.

How to distinguish the heating wire from 110V and 220V?

For our cold room door’s heating wire, we could distinguish it by color. We provide white color and black color heating wire. The color of the 110v heating wire is white, and the color of the 220V heating wire is black.

Another, we could also distinguish them by the wire shape. The white 110V heating wire is a circle. The 220V heating wire is flat.

When should we consider matching the heating wire for a cold room?

Usually, the temperature difference between cold rooms inside and outside is bigger. Not all cold rooms need to match the cold room heating wire. When the temperature required in a cold room is below minus 10-celsius degrees, we’d better match the cold room heating wire. Or the joint between the cold room door panel and door frame might be frozen, and that might result in opening the door too hard.

Where should I install the cold room sliding door?

In common, the installation location of the cold room sliding door is into the aluminum door frame groove.

How to install it?

At first, you need to put the heating wire into the groove of the aluminum door frame. After you lay out the wire through the groove, then you cover the groove with an aluminum profile. For 220V heating wire installation. You need to do another step before you lay the wire. You need to Cut off the part at a 45-degree bevel, then wrapped the exposed part with electric tape. This could avoid the condensing water gathering there to form a short circuit.

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